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ZO Skin Care at Health Fit M.D.

ZO® Skin Health offers cutting-edge products + therapeutic treatments to bring the best results-oriented solutions straight to you. We take pride in developing innovative skincare solutions that optimize skin health based on the latest advances in skin therapy technologies, unique delivery systems, bioengineered complexes + exclusive formulations.

How ZO Skin Care Works

We focus on strengthening the patient-physician relationship by providing comprehensive protocols for both in office and beyond. Our continuum of offerings are suitable for any patient, and support our guiding belief that skin health should be backed by science, rather than by trends.

Health Fit M.D. can help you attain results that you never imagined possible, but it does take work.

This patient has been faithfully dedicated to her prescribed regimen that consists of twice daily hydroquinone Rx, twice daily RetinA Rx, plus ZO products to control her sebum, and prep her skin.

Several of these products are PRESCRIPTION ONLY and if you are buying them over the counter or from a provider that isn’t licensed to prescribe medicine (MD, DO, PA, or NP) then it probably isn’t real and/or legal.
We make all patients first have a consult with our licensed aesthetician to determine what protocals are best for their skin type. I promise the results are worth the time to have a 30 minute consult to properly evaluate and place you on a custom regimen.

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body contouring with zerona

My mission is to create skin that is healthy, youthful and vibrant, fulfilling my definition of
skin health”




Healthy skin starts with the basics. Bring skin back to its most healthy, balanced state for a clear complexion, regardless of skin type.  Getting Skin Ready® is the essential first step toward achieving healthy skin. It is a simple system of cleanse, exfoliate and tone – working synergistically to restore skin to a healthy state and to optimize the effectiveness of any preventive or corrective products.